Best Portal for BSc. CSIT in Nepal | MSc. CSIT in Nepal

BSC CSIT is one of the highly pursued education in Nepal. In the era that demands not just well equipped library but also the best access to the knowledge in Internet, CSIT in Nepal does not have a one stop solutions to problems faced by students.

CSIT HUB is that one and only platform that serves all your confusion, dilemma and problems related to BSC CSIT education. It aims to bring all the stake holders of BSC CSIT and MSC CSIT( students, lecturers, college, IT companies) under one platform and inter-exchange knowledge, materials, tools and other possible service. It’s an open platform that you can use to explore endless possibilities for your career. This approach will not just revolutionize Bsc CSIT in Nepal but also empower all its stakeholders.

We look to empower students with technology. Hence, we have introduced various services and few of them as listed below:
  • Providing notes, syllabus, routine, Curriculum, books, old questions related to BSC CSIT and MSC CSIT.
  • Platform to advertise and market your college events and programs.
  • Career planning, mentoring ,counselling, guiding students.
  • Provide expert advice and guidance to new students.
  • Job or Internship opportunity information.
  • Platform to sell your used books/notes, laptops, etc
  • Marketing your different products, projects or business